In various ways, I have been making paintings that use light and color for the past two decades. Color cannot be perceived without light.

My interest as a painter is in the fragile and ever changing phenomena of the temporal world in which we live. There is a subtle and rich beauty in our lives when we honor this seemingly obvious truth. Plants reflect this in their annual cycles through the seasons that come about through exposure to light.

I paint plant cycles because they reflect most other life cycles. To recognize beauty requires a state of consciousness that enables us to step outside ourselves for a moment into collective openness and grace. Often the richness of the world precludes that experience. We live in a fast paced and hectic society; we are often in cars and constantly looking at electronic media.

Occasionally we may come upon a flower or a cloud or another human being and, seeing the beauty, enter into that openness. Beauty has a fleeting quality, a palpable fragility.

Day always gives way to night, and the night cannot contain the color of the flower that will fade and then become a seed. Conversely, the seed cannot flourish without the light. These are the experiences that engage me as a painter. 

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